Enabling a 100% renewable energy supply

Welcome to the fossil-free sector of the world! Here, at Younicos we’re
working for a CO2-free and renewable energy supply. Our core competence
is the economic, safe, and stable integration of wind and solar power into existing grids.

In cooperation with our partners, we design, build and operate up to 100 percent renewable energy systems that outcompete fossil systems even today.

Find out how you can turn off conventional generators enabling an entirely renewable energy supply. Discover how you can profit from our innovative business models for on-grid battery parks or renewable island systems.

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    On 2 July 2009 we proclaimed the Republic of Younicos. Our national policy objective is to help renewable energies achieve a breakthrough –
    by connecting efficient storage to grids everywhere.

  • Video Graciosa - The road so far


    On the Azorean island of Graciosa we’re demonstrating that renewable energy can already beat fossil systems – both technically and commercially. Follow us on our journey until now!