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On September 16 WEMAG and Younicos commissioned Europe's first commercial Battery Power Plant

Welcome to a new chapter in the transition to a renewables-based energy economy: On September 16 - after just twelve months of construction and a four month trial run - we took Europe's first commercial battery power plant online. With a rated power of 5 megawatts and a capacity of 5 megawatt hours, the intelligent unit in Schwerin will stabilize the grid frequency in windy West Mecklenburg.

In a first for Europe, our fully automated and intelligent battery park is operated commercially. It earns its keep by providing so-called primary control power - while also freeing space on the grid for more wind and solar energy.

more about the project

  • Video ZDF heute: Storing electrical energy

    more about the project

    The flagship news program "heute” of ZDF TV reports that at the commissioning of Europe's first commercial battery park German energy minister Sigmar Gabriel encouraged others to follow our lead.

  • Video WEMAG Installation

    press material

    This news segment from local TV Schwerin shows the construction of Europe's first commercial battery park. In it WEMAG’s Tobias Struck and Jost Broichmann explain how it works (in German only).