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A full electronic press kit (EPK) with footage (from Youncios' Berlin headquarters, our Technology Center and from Graciosa) and interviews (with Younicos management and staff) is available on demand (please contact us, if you're interested).

  • Report "Scientific American", 6. January 2015 Software: The Next Challenge for Grid Batteries

    As battery storage becomes more and more competitive, the focus around batteries technology shifts to the software linking batteries to the grid. Robert Fares takes a closer look at the role of software in battery storage and points to the leading role of Younicos in this growing market segment.

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  • Report "pv magazine", 15. December 2014 UK unveils Europe's largest battery storage project

    The largest battery storage project in Europe has been officially unveiled today in the U.K. town of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, near London. The 6 MW Smarter Network Storage project is the result of a collaboration between S&C Electric, Samsung SDI, Younicos and U.K. Power Networks.

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  • Report "Renawable Energy World Magazine", Nov/Dec 2014 Germany & the US Venture into Large-scale Energy Storage

    The U.S. is surging ahead in terms of adopting battery storage. In 2013-2014, U.S. companies installed, or were in the process of installing more than 300 MW of energy storage capacity. The largest is Southern California Edison’s Tehachapi Energy Storage Project.

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  • Report "Clean Technica", 1. October 2014 Is This Company Set To Monopoloze A Critical Energy Storage Sub-Sector?

    When you think about innovative energy storage leaders that might see explosive growth in the years to come, you might think of Tesla Motors, Panasonic, BYD, Samsung, LG, Ambri, Eos Energy Storage, Aquion, and ViZn. But as exciting and noteworthy as each of those companies is, there’s another energy storage leader that isn’t touched by any of them.

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  • Report, "Battery and Energy Storage" ,9. May 2013 "Battery and Energy Storage"

    Ruth Williams reports that construction of Europe’s largest commercial battery has begun and that the unit will come online in September 2014.

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  • Dutch TV feature on Younicos and renewables in Germany "Tips from our neighbours"

    In this 50 min report, Dutch TV channel VPRO investigates what the Netherlands can "learn" from other countries. They come to Germany to hear about the transition to renewables. After talking to Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, the team pays us a visit (from about minute 38:55) and talks to Gerhard Perlot, Elena Franzen and new hire Björn Lang.

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  • Report on Graciosa & Younicos, "Süddeutsche Zeitung", 12. August 2012 "Graciosa, independent"

    Michael Baumüller of Germany's most-read quality paper, "Süddeutsche Zeitung"', explains how, in global first, we're using renewables as the core of a megawatt-scale energy system and help save the island money by locking in electricity cost.

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  • Report & Interview with EDA-CEO on Graciosa, Portugese TV "RTP Açores", 17. July 2012 "Ilha branca e verde" ("White and green island")

    In this 30-minute program "Em Foco" the CEO of our local partner, the Azorean utility EDA, explains how we are building the world's first renewable energy system using industrially available batteries on Graciosa. He describes how we're using our unique test- and demonstration in Berlin to reconstruct the islands future grid on a 1:3 scale, thus making sure that our innovative system will deliver power at least as reliably as the current diesel-based system. Moreover, he talks about how the system can be transferred to other islands globally.

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  • Feature on the German PV industry and market integration of renewables, "Die Zeit", 4. March 2012 "Brothers, to the sun, to novelty"

    In this feature Anne Kunze of the prestigious weekly "Die Zeit" portraits the rise and recent troubles of Germany's PV industry. She tracks the career of our CEO Alexander Voigt and explains how he moved from production of PV cells and panels to bilding storage-based energy systems that can use up 100 percent wind and sun power.

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  • TV report on making Graciosa renewable, euronews TV, 2. May 2011 Azores island a test-bed for German energy experiment

    Our CTO Clemens Triebel explains to euronews TV how Younicos plans to power the Azorean island of Insel Graciosa using 75 percent wind and solar energy. Triebel also explains that we can integrate a much more renwable energy into our grids using the same batteries used on Graciosa, while we're also working on home storage units that will allow households to consume a large portion the solar energy they produce decentrally on their roofs themselves (the report is a little ambiguous here: We think that one storage unit per household would be enough most cases and that it should be an addition to larger storage in the MW-range).

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  • Feature on Graciosa und NaS batteries, "Die Welt", 20. December 2010 "Azorean island of Graciosa to become energy autonomous"

    In the "Science" section of the broadsheet "Welt" Wolfgang W. Merkel explains Youncios' Graciosa project as well as how Sodium-Sulphur (NaS) batteries can compete on the mainland today and thus help to bring more renewables into the grid. (NB: the article also appears in the Berlin-daily "Berliner Morgenpost", which also carries an "assessment" ("Grade A") of Younicos-cofounder Alexander Voigt).

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  • Feature on Younicos and Graciosa, "Recharge", 3. December 2010 "Island pioneers future without fossil fuels"

    In a special section for the COP16 summit in Cancun "Recharge" technology editor Darius Snieckus explains how Younicos plans to free the Azorean island of Graciosa from fossil fuels.

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  • Portrait of Alexander Voigt, 3sat-nano series "Visionaires", 5. May 2010 "Energy Autonomous Life"

    In its feature/portrait series "Visionaries" "nano", the science programme of the GAS-channel 3sat looks to the future. Younicos founder and CEO Alexander explains his vision of an independent energy supply.

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  • Radio feature on Younicos, rbb inforadio, 11. April 2010 "Flexible workspaces"

    Reporting on concepts for flexible workspaces Anja Dobrodinsky of Berlin's rbb inforadio explains how Yill can help save money by reducing construction costs and allowing for the optimal use of innovative heating and cooling concepts while also making a green impact.

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