Imagine there’s no fossils

Our vision is a 100 percent renewable energy supply, allowing us to leave limited fossil resources where nature put them millions of years ago. This is not the only viable path to limit climate change and make our environment more livable. It also provides new opportunities: In the long-run renewable energy is more cost-effective than conventional energy supply and also avoids high costs due to climate change. This saves economic resources that can be put to much better use.

Thats why we are working on integrating renewables into the market, both technically and commercially. We’re set on proving that renewables can be competitive today despite the uneven playing field. So far, external costs are
not included in the price of fossil fuels and energy markets are still designed according to the technological demands of coal, gas or Diesel power plants.

We show how renewable energy and it’s systems can be competitive,
even today, by demonstrating how our energy systems can be adapted to renewables.

Pioneers: A tradition

Although we are a young company, we have a tradition that reaches back into the seventies. Many of our founders and staff started to look for alternatives to fossil and nuclear-based power generation back then and later helped create the solar industry.

However, it was precisely because of the successful expansion of renewable energy in Germany, that led us to realize that storage and innovative grid management is the key to a 100 percent renewable wind and sun energy supply. Using private money our founders established companies to investigate storage technologies and develop new business models. In 2009, two of the companies were merged to form Younicos.

Blue Ocean

We knew that new business models would develop around energy storage. What was less clear, was precisely how fast which markets would develop. It was especially uncertain, how quickly and decisively regulatory requirements would be adapted to the technological requirements of a fossil-free energy system.

That is why we consciously chose to pursue a number of possible applications and developed them to commercial readiness: We developed and tested our island systems and battery parks in our technology center. We also developed product ideas for mobile energy storage, intelligent home storage and sustainable electric mobility: Yill, Yoe and Yana show what is technologically possible today.

One thing at a time

As expected, not all markets developed equally as fast. The markets for renewable island systems and grid-tied battery parks are growing rapidly. Unfortunately, electric mobility is not developing as we and many others had hoped. There is still no functioning market design for intelligent home storage, however mobile office and home storage markets are just about to develop, especially in Asia.

Its never been our strength to wait on developments. That’s why we’re concentrating on the particularly promising markets for battery parks and
island systems.