Industrial storage for renewable energy

Our automated, turn-key battery parks, including a 20 year performance guarantee, help integrate renewable energy into our grids and markets. That makes them not only a crucial component in any successful transition towards more renewable energy, but also an attractive forward-looking investment.

New markets for storage

Transitioning to a higher share of renewable energy leads to a rapid increase
in demand for storage and system services. Storage is the key to integrating renewable energy into existing power grids, allowing power generated from wind and sun to be used much more effectively. And the increase in solar and wind energy leaves less and less space for large power plants in our grids.
That means that faster and more flexible units must take over the functions of conventional power plants.

Business case

Our battery power plants are long-lasting, safe and, above all, extremely fast. They respond within 200 milliseconds what makes them at least 3000 times faster than conventional power plants enabling them to balance fluctuations in the grid much more precisely and efficiently.

This creates persuasive business cases: In the markets for frequency regulation our battery parks are already competitive to coal and other conventional power plants. This is especially true for the markets for primary frequency control, where they can already be operated commercially.

In addition, our battery parks provide a number of other benefits and applications:

  • Other system services such as voltage control (provision of reactive power), black start capability, short circuit capability as well as extremely quick grid balancing
  • Renewable energy integration (modeling of power gradients and stabilization of feed-in)
  • Peak shaving  
  • Price arbitrage
  • Can be used as an alternative or compliment to grid expansion

Proven technology designed for your needs

Depending on the intended application, we develop turn-key battery power plants based on proven technology. Our renowned technology partners provide the battery hardware, based on which we then build an intelligent battery system adjusted to individual requirements.