Off-grid energy supply: clean, reliable and competitive

In remote areas with no – or a weak – link to the grid, power supply based on renewable energy is often already a commercially attractive alternative to conventional generators. This is true for islands, remote industrial sites and off-grid villages.

Many remote areas are well-suited for wind and sun-based power generation. However, there is an important technological challenge: Current fossil-fuel-based systems limit the maximum share of renewables to as little as 15 to 30 percent annually. That’s because most of these micro-grids rely on Diesel or other generators to keep voltage and frequency within safe bands.

Breaking the dependence on the generator

Our renewable energy systems break this technical dependence. Using proven battery technology and advanced, intelligent inverters we can integrate up to 100 percent renewable energy sources into existing grids.

Business case

Diesel or other conventional fuels are already very expensive in most remote locations. Global Diesel prices have risen steadily over the last decades and there is evidence that they will rise even faster over the next two decades. As prices increase, so does the cost of transporting fuel to remote locations with tankers and trucks that also depend on Diesel – thus reinforcing the trend towards ever more expensive electricity generation.

At the same time prices for renewable components are steadily decreasing, making the replacement of conventional with renewable energy production a steadily more attractive proposition in more and more regions.

Our proven renewable systems make energy costs more transparent and predictable as well as cheaper. In areas with weak grids industrial users also benefit from more reliable power.

Give me all: Full savings at once...

Of course, you can just order our renewable energy systems “straight off the shelf”. In this case, we’ll work with you to determine the ideal system layout, develop a roadmap for system implementation and train your staff to run the system.

...or clean energy for free and attractive to investors

Budget and other constraints can make it challenging for system stakeholders to shoulder the required initial investment all at once. That’s why we’ve developed a business model that delivers clean energy to remote locations essentially for free and saves money at the same time.

We set up the changeover to renewables as 15 to 25-year projects with predictable cash flows. The resulting savings from the renewable system are shared between investors and the existing system stakeholders, thus creating an attractive investment opportunity.

Laying out the system intelligently

Depending on whether you’re looking to power an island, an industrial site or an off-grid village, the exact system layout and time frame for moving to renewable generation will vary.

However, the key components will always be the same: We will put in place an infrastructure of intelligent power controls, an advanced energy management system and some storage capacity. This is to enable your system to use more than 15 to 30 percent renewable energy.

Scale with ease

Once we’ve put this basic architecture of a decentralized energy system in place, it’s relatively straightforward to scale the system to reach a higher share of annual renewable generation. More wind and solar generation capacity can be added to the system at any time. Combined with a corresponding increase in storage, the system can be expanded step-by-step towards covering up to 100 percent of your energy needs from renewable sources.

This approach allows you to start the transition to renewable energy today. You can capitalize the initial savings and profit from falling component prices as you continuously increase your share of renewables over the years.

Our services

Our team has years of experience in building large renewable energy power plants and we are experts in storage technologies and intelligent power controls to stably run grids based on up to 100 percent renewable sources. Together with our partners, we will work with you to design and build the ready-to-use CO2-free supply system best suited for your commercial and other needs.