Trust, but verify

Because of their high ratio of power to energy, Lithium-Ion batteries are especially well-suited to store energy over short time spans, i.e. minutes and hours. Stationary Lithium storage is still a comparatively new technology. That’s why it is so important to understand the properties of individual cell technologies and to know who can deliver reliable quality.

For this reason, we set up a dedicated Lithium-Ion test lab, where we are constantly evaluating the properties and reliability of different Lithium technologies and cell manufacturers. Since 2007 we have already run over 25,000 test cycles at our battery lab.

A large variety

There are many different suppliers and types of Lithium. This allows Lithium batteries to be built according to different requirements regarding durability, safety, energy density and power capacity. For stationary applications, a high number of life cycles and hence reliability is especially important.

Both individual cells and complete battery packs and large-format Lithium-Ion cells can be tested in this test bay. The test results help us draw valuable conclusions about cycle stability, influence of temperatures, charging and discharging performance, particularly relating to capacity and life span.

That’s how we identified the best technology for our solutions as well as the most reliable manufacturers. This allows us to ensure that cells live up to the manufacturer’s promise in every day use.