The right storage for our client's needs

We are technology agnostic. For our customers we select the optimal components, tailored specifically to their requirements. We continually evaluate different battery cells from various manufacturers in our two testing Iabs to determine their unique properties, safety and reliability.

High energy or high power?

Technologies we work with are particularly long-lasting, reliable, safe, economically viable and can be implemented today. Their quick response time makes them especially suited to balancing volatile power generation within milliseconds:

  • Lithium-Ion high-power batteries: The Lithium-Ion technology used by us has a very high ratio of power to energy making it particularly suited for grid stabilization applications that often require energy only to be stored for up to a couple of minutes or hours.
  • Sodium-Sulphur high-capacity batteries: Sodium-Sulphur batteries have a large storage capacity. These high temperature batteries are well suited to balance the daily fluctuations of wind and sun power.
  • Vanadium-Redox-Flow batteries do not self-discharge. That makes them ideally suited to store energy over long periods.

Hybrid batteries

We combine different technologies in hybrid batteries, if required by the project. This is what makes us unique. It allows us to combine the advantages of different technologies. Because storage tends to be the largest cost item in our systems, it also distinctly increases the cost-effectiveness for our solutions.

We make batteries intelligent

Above all, we make batteries intelligent and enable them to communicate. Our competence lies in connecting the direct current (DC) energy source of batteries to grids running on alternating current (AC). We have many years of experience handling battery chemistry and are experts in battery management.