In perfect harmony

The right hardware is crucial. However, to stably run grids without the rotating mass of conventional powers, all generation and storage units must work together decentrally – and without requiring constant human interference. Our grid and battery management software enables just that kind of seamless cooperation and thereby secures exactly this automatic, decentral and stable interaction between wind, sun and batteries.

We developed three key components to enable current grids to use up to 100 percent renewable energy – whether a step by step or in a one-off transition:

  • Our intelligent Power Management software enables a larger share of renewables – even without energy storage
  • Our Battery Power Plant Management software ensures the efficient and smooth integration of batteries both into electrical island system grids and into large continental grids
  • Our innovative Energy Management System optimizes the use of storage systems, wind and solar energy production units as well as back-up generators

Power Management – more power from wind and sun

Our intelligent Power Management maximizes the use of wind and sun energy without endangering grid stability.

To raise the annual share of renewable energy in closed grids even without storage, our software constantly determines the maximum ratio of regenerative feed-in to conventional generation. To that end, it takes into account current power demand and generation and matches it to the dynamic qualities of the existing fossil-fuel-based power plants.

All software elements use standardized interfaces, enabling an easy future expansion of the system with Younicos battery power plants. This allows existing grids to transition to renewable generation step-by-step.

Battery power plant management – many blocks, one power plant

However, in order to significantly increase the share of renewable energy, storage must be integrated into the energy system. Our software manages
the operation of the required battery power plant. It enables the battery power plants to automatically store and dispense energy as required by the grid.

Above all, our software manages the interplay of grid-forming inverters and batteries, allowing them to provide critical system services. These include frequency and voltage regulation, control power, black start capability and
the supply of short circuit power. The inverters work in parallel: several grid-forming inverters operate with no additional communication structures required. They „inform each other“ solely via the grid frequency. This is unique in Megawatt-scale power grids.

Our software also regulates the team play of several batteries and calibrates batteries in operation. The software assigns the electrical demand on the battery power plant to the individual AC-batteries in such a manner that only a homogenous battery system is visible from the outside. It also optimizes the lifetime of the batteries. This also allows us to combine different battery technologies and to optimize their joint use.

Our Battery Power Plant Management software operates autonomously, that can be linked to superordinate grid control and management systems using established interfaces.

Energy management – including weather reports

Our innovative Energy Management System (EMS) optimizes the interplay of wind and photovoltaic units, storage systems and Diesel generators – not only technically but also commercially.

Among other things, our EMS uses the forecast of sun and wind conditions. If – despite the optimized feed-in of renewables – a particularly high demand on the battery is to be expected, back-up Diesel generators turned on in time and to be run at their greatest efficiency. Conversely, with full storage and high renewable energy generation the units with the most wear and tear are turned off first.

Thus in island systems all components are used efficiently. The system as a whole always operates at its economic optimum.

The EMS contains all the usual functionalities of a power control system.