Our technology in action

At our technology center at our headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof, we develop, test, optimize and demonstrate our renewable energy systems. Here we also evaluate the quality of new technologies and manufacturers. Our test and demonstration facility also serves as a training and qualification center for our clients and partners.

Real power flows

Using real power flows, we demonstrate the stable and safe operation of grids using up to 100 percent energy sources. The technology center includes:

  • a 1MW/6 MWh high-energy Sodium-Sulphur battery
  • a 200 kW/200 kWh high-power Lithium-Ion battery
  • an intelligent Megawatt-scale inverter system
  • an innovative Energy Management System which also
    takes weather data into consideration
  • simulators that physically behave like wind, photovoltaic
    generation units or energy consumers
  • a 1 MW Diesel generator
  • a 14 km medium voltage distribution grid

Using locally collected wind, sun and load data, we can simulate power generation and consumption at every location in the whole world in real-time. That allows us to test and optimize the interplay of all hardware and software components of our renewable energy systems.

Technical due diligence

At our technology center we demonstrate to clients, regulators, government bodies, banks and insurances that our systems meet all technical requirements and are even more efficient than conventional energy systems. In particular, we simulate sudden load loss, short circuits or rapid weather changes. This is how we can guarantee that our systems run stably even under extreme conditions.

Proof of concept for new technologies and business models

In addition, we evaluate new technologies or business models for renewable energy. We test if components live up to their suppliers’ promises. We also prove that batteries can be safely integrated into our European grid and provide necessary system services more efficiently than conventional power.

Training & Development

Lastly, we use the technology center to pass on our knowledge. We train clients or service providers on how to operate our systems. In addition, we work with partners on integrating their technology into our solutions.