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Independent Power Producer




As an idyllic island with more than 270 sunny days per year, La Ola is a near-ideal location to build a solar farm. And Lanai Sustainability Research (LSR) did just that by constructing the 1.2 MW La Ola photovoltaic (PV) solar farm to operate on Lanai’s 4 MW grid with the objective of providing clean power to the island’s residents and resorts.





But even that much sunshine cannot reduce the natural intermittency of solar power. Clouds form and night falls, and solar power ebbs and flows. For an electric grid operator who must always maintain balance across the system, solar PV’s intermittency poses challenges. Before the Younicos Battery Park was built, the La Ola solar farm was forced to curtail its electrical output to 50 % of its nameplate capacity in order to meet strict compliance requirements put in place to maintain grid stability. Even more difficult was that LSR’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) required its installation to provide frequency response – a service not achievable by the La Ola solar farm on its own. With its project’s revenue severely limited, LSR began looking for a viable, grid scale solution. Otherwise, it would never be able to unlock the full capacity of its solar farm and maximize the project’s revenues.





After a thorough search, LSR selected Younicos to design a battery storage system with a rated power of 1.125 MW for a duration of 15 minutes to provide ramp control, frequency response and power quality management. Following the commissioning of the battery storage system, the Lanai solar farm coupled with the Younicos storage solution complied with the strict PPA requirements is able to deliver uncurtailed solar power to the Lanai grid.

“Our software Y.Q responds intelligently and accurately to the exact needs of the customer or grid well within 50 milliseconds, or 5 times faster than the blink of an eye.”


Carsten Reinke-Collon, Senior Vice President Engineering, Younicos



After integrating the Younicos energy storage solution, our client can now provide up to 1,200 kW of solar PV to the grid – a clean, abundant source of fuel for the island. Furthermore we have improved the overall reliability of the grid thanks to the frequency response capabilities of the system. This solar installation by itself represents 30 percent of this small independent grid, perfectly demonstrating that the combination of solar and storage resources is a reliable, effective way to meet a community’s electricity needs.




faster than the blink of an eye is the reaction time of the battery park.



for a duration of 15 minutes to provide grid services.



make La Ola on the island of Lanai, Hawaii an ideal location for PV.




Intelligent Younicos software forms the heart of the system: AC battery management (ACBM), battery power plant management (BPPM) and a SCADA-integrated energy management system. These technologies control the battery modules – both the interplay of the individual units, as well as the entire array’s interaction with the solar farm in order to provide stabilizing services for the grid. Our intelligent software allows the storage system to operate within the ambitious system performance requirements and to automatically switch between modes of operation to seamlessly satisfy the customer’s most critical needs, depending on grid conditions. Therefore our multi-functional control software takes direct grid measurements, identifies priority of application based on predefined customized protocols, and calculates the required response at a rate of 100 times per second. This allows the battery to respond intelligently and accurately to the exact needs of the customer or grid well within 50 milliseconds, or 5 times faster than the blink of an eye.