February 27, 2017

The Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) in Alaska has tapped Younicos to design, install and commission a new 3 MW battery energy storage system for Kodiak Island. The new system, which will replace one that is installed in 2012, is expected to be completed by the middle of August 2017. “Our main goal has always been to bring more renewables to the island and greatly reduce the cost and environmental impacts of using diesel fuel. We realized early on that battery storage is the best solution to help us achieve these goals, and that Younicos is a company with the right business developments, technology launches and other news free to view technology and expertise – as well as a passion for clean and affordable energy,” said Darron Scott, president and CEO at the KEA (

The agreement calls for Younicos ( to replace earlier-generation lead-acid batteries and battery racks with advanced lithiumion batteries. The implementation of these batteries will increase the operational lifetime of the storage resource. “We’re grateful to be chosen once more by KEA to upgrade their battery storage facility,” said Jayesh Goyal, chief commercial officer at Younicos. “Their decision to collaborate again on this project demonstrates a high level of trust in both  our company and our storage control technology.”

In 2007, KEA set a goal to produce 95% of Kodiak’s energy from renewable sources by the year 2020, to reduce reliance on diesel fuel and lower the cost of generation to customers. Today the island has achieved that goal through a combination of hydroelectric and wind energy. The use of greater amounts of wind energy to reach the renewables goal has been made possible by the intelligently controlled battery system engineered


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