December 6, 2016

Berlin, Deutschland

Battery storage leader Younicos welcomes the official launch of the showcase enera project after the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy officially approved a grant to a project consortium consisting of 70 partners, led by the utility EWE. Earlier in the day, enera project was also officially recognized as a “Landmark in the Land of Ideas” by the public-private “Land of ideas” initiative of the German Government and the Confederation of German industry (BDI).


The German-American storage pioneer Younicos will, among other things, contribute expertise in the integration of storage and markets to the project. “enera shows the value of intelligent battery systems for a safe and competitive power supply from renewable energy,” explained Younicos CEO Stephen L. Prince. “But only when storage is efficiently linked with wind and solar production on the one hand, and with the markets on the other, can it deploy its full potential. The key to this is smart software, which ensures that all parts of the system work together smoothly.”


The 2,665-square-kilometer (1,028-square-mile) enera model region is predominantly agricultural, but also includes industrial centers. It is therefore ideally suited to implement the energy transition on a small scale. The region already utilizes wind and other renewable energy resources with a total capacity of 1.75 gigawatts, resulting in a 2013 “net balance” share of more than 170 percent renewable energy, the surplus of which was exported for use elsewhere.


About enera

Enera is part of the showcase program “Schaufenster intelligente Energie – Digitale Agenda für die Energiewende” (SINTEG) of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The aim is to develop scalable solutions for the large scale use of environmentally friendly, safe and affordable energy supply from renewable sources “showcase regions”. The program focuses on smart grids which should help to ensure stability and improve the interplay of power generation, consumption, storage and grids by means of modern information and communications technologies. The results of the program are to be used as a blueprint for a much broader implementation.








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