There is a difference between speaking about battery storage from a theoretical perspective and considering commercially available, realistic options available to projects today. ATA Insights and Energy Storage Report, have put together a webinar focusing on exploring the best solutions that are commercially available today for PV projects.


Over the past few months, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) on PV projects have plummeted from US$ 8 cents to US$ 2.41 cents per kWh, leading to an increase in PV-focused tenders.


However, as more undispatchable peak load energy enters the grid, the need for energy storage becomes apparent. In fact, tenders are starting to request energy storage options with the aim to accommodate more flexibility in the grid for more renewable energy.


Speakers for this webinar include energy storage experts such as Valts Grintals from Delta Energy & Environment, Burak Türker from Younicos and Jason Deign from Energy Storage Report; who will lead the audience through their years of experience examining the energy storage options that are commercially available today, with Belén Gallego from ATA Insights participating as moderator.


The webinar will cover the following topics:


A review all energy storage options that fit within the needs and constrains of PV projects and that are available at scale


Characteristics and trade-offs of each of the technology options; and how to calculate the cost-opportunity of each one in your project


Real case studies of PV plants with batteries and how they overcame their challenges to maximize performance


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Date: Tuesday March 28th 2017, 12 CET

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Younicos is the pioneer and market leader in game-changing energy and grid solutions based on battery storage. We provide utilities, independent power producers, microgrids and C&I customers with turnkey storage systems, supporting a wide range of business opportunities – from frequency response to peak shaving and capacity to integrated photovoltaic (PV) plus storage solutions and grid-forming renewable energy systems. Our customers benefit from our unparalleled experience of 200 MW deployed storage, 10 years of R&D at our MW-scale Technology Centers, and 24/7 O&M services. Younicos is based in Berlin, Germany and Austin, Texas.